Eggplant dish 43: Eggplant pizza bites

So when I was looking for pizza recipes for Karen the other week (she didn’t need one), I found this recipe for low carb pizza in the form of eggplant pizza bites. I’m not sure the Italians would even consider this to be pizza, but as I haven’t made it yet this year I decided to make this keto and low carb dish. As I have been sick I decided to get off the couch yesterday arvo to make it as a snack.

Just in the oven

So I roasted the eggplant as required and then I used a nice pasta sauce, some basil and then just tasty cheese on top. Then I grilled them.

Out of the oven

OMG they were amazing. So yummy, such great flavours together. I’ll be having this again. Now onto making chocolate brownies with eggplant. Okay I’m going weird, but seriously this challenge is nearly over and I’m pulling out all stops for this.