Eggplant dish 48: Eggplant masala

So last Sunday night when in Melbourne I went with my work mate, Simone, and two people from Curtin to an Indian Curry Restaurant for dinner. It was just around the corner from where were were staying.

The curry hut.

On the menu was Eggplant Masala which is described below.

The description of the eggplant masala.

I was pretty excited about this as I needed one dish before the planned two final dishes to be finished this very long challenge. So out it comes…

Eggplant masala and the other dishes.

It was so good. We also had butter chicken which was also yummy and rice.

It tasted fantastic.

I would definitely get curry there again – great prices and very yummy food. Great company – thanks for splitting the dishes Simone – much appreciated. Only two dishes left to eat now.