Eggplant dish 42: Eggplant pizza

So my sister loves making pizza so she invited us over for eggplant pizza as well as potato pizza and an evening at her place to check out her new deck furniture. So I make the guac dip for before pizza and Tim and I go over to Karen’s house.

The pizza is served

So we ate the guac and waited for the pizza to be ready – doesn’t it look fantastic. And it tasted yum too.

My first slice.

So I ate several pieces, but there was more in the form of a yummy potato pizza. Seriously it must take skill to get the amount of rosemary just perfect.

The potato pizza

So we ate that as well. There was another pizza that Karen made but we didn’t have any room left so she got to have that on Sunday instead. Another great eggplant dish. While looking for eggplant pizza recipes for Karen (she didn’t need one), I found a low carb one – it could be my next eggplant dish. Stay tuned, but for now eggplant dish number 42 is done!