Eggplant dish 44: Chocolate eggplant brownies

During the week my mate Nicola, one of my friends from the Gong tagged me in a FB post that had a stack of eggplant recipes. I had already eaten many of the dishes, but not the chocolate eggplant brownies. Now I’ve nearly finished the challenge I decided I was up for it.

So I bought the ingredients (let’s hope I use the almond meal as it wasn’t cheap) and then I cooked the eggplant. I managed to realise I only bought 45% cocoa dark chocolate and not 70% but it was a bit too late. Not to worry as a quick text to my friend, Simone, and she said it should be okay. I made the recipe and put it in the oven (I did have a taste test, I know raw eggs right, and I didn’t like the texture. So I put in a stack of Reece’s peanut butter chips and then it was good to cook).

Out of the oven

It looked pretty good out of the oven and tasted okay. I then had some a while later when cool – okay it actually tastes yum. The texture is good, although it is a bit soft. Even Tim reluctantly had some and ate the entire piece – so it can’t have been that bad. So eggplant dish 44 is done. Now onto the next weird and wonderful dish.