Eggplant dish 30: Eggplant salad (Japanese style)

We are in Osaka and we go into the food area of a department store where there are heaps of options for food. It was about 3:30pm, but it was lunch as we had been busy so hadn’t had lunch yet. So I begin to look out for eggplant. There were several different eggplant salad options.

One of the food options.

I decide on the salad and I buy 108 grams worth. It comes in a nice container. I say no to chop sticks as I have my own fork. The salad was interesting. The eggplant had a nice texture but the flavour was very much like the cucumber. I don’t like cucumber that much so it was just okay.

The eggplant salad.

So eggplant way number 30 is done. I’m over halfway and I think this mission will be completed by the end of the year if I keep plugging away at it.