Eggplant dish 28: Aubergine penne arrabbiata

When I got home from my trip I had recorded a TV show and at the beginning of the show was a Jamie Oliver show. He happened to be cooking this eggplant penne arrabbiata recipe. How timely, so off I went and bought an eggplant and I decided to cook it. I only cooked a few chilies, and I also added fresh tomatoes as we currently have a few.

The eggplant and yummy veggies.

Then I cooked and added the pasta. It was interesting as first I blanched the eggplant (which I’ve never done) and then I used that water to cook the pasta.

Then I stirred it in and served it.

The completed dish.

It was really yum. The chilies were a nice hit, but I did need to get them out and not eat them. Way number 28 with eggplant done!

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