Eggplant 35: Mediterranean eggplant & feta tarts

So my mate Kylie emailed me a recipe for Mediterranean Eggplant and Feta Tarts a while ago. I’ve been thinking it might be good to try. So this week I decided to make them for the EPPTAR meeting I was going to on Thursday. So I set about buying the ingredients and making them. I left the filo pastry to thaw for the day in the fridge (apparently it takes 4 hours). I then cooked the eggplant as required in olive oil on Wednesday evening. Thursday first thing I set about dealing with the filo (how difficult is it to manage?) and making the tarts.

Prior to cooking

So I had trouble cutting the filo evenly (and I gave up on round) and I had trouble scrunching the sides. But they seemed to look okay (if not great) so I decided to take them with me to the morning tea. As you can see below they are okay, but not the best shapes.

The cooked tarts.

They are to be served with a drizzle of warmed honey, so I took honey and warmed it at Sarojni’s house. And then we got to try them after putting honey on.

With warm honey drizzled over

So it turns out they taste yum. Everyone who had one said they were yum, but maybe they were being nice. I did have several though so that is good. Way number 35 done and dusted – and quite a different way at that.

While at lunch we had more food with eggplant, but as I’ve already had eggplant curry with chickpeas and potato previously it didn’t count. Not to worry though as eggplant 36 was coming along quickly.