Eggplant dish 21 and 22

So last night we go down to Dimitris for dinner. It was about 8:15 which is pretty early for dinner in Greece. I order two eggplant dishes, but I’ve learnt I’m a bit tired of eggplant. They also took ages to arrive.

Eggplant dish number 21 is Aubergine Saganaki which is eggplant with cheese and stuff. This dish is okay, so I don’t eat it all, but the good news is my new mate Alison quite likes it so polishes it off.

Aubergine Saginaki

Dish number 22 was Eggplant with egg. It is really yum with eggplant roasted and a tomato, feta and onion and garlic around it and an egg on top of the eggplant. I was quite tired when it arrived at almost 10pm though.

Eggplant with egg

So dishes number 21 and 22 completed. I’ve decided to have a day off eggplant tomorrow (unless it is served at Greek night).