Cliff to Club Swim

So today was the inaugural Cliff to Club 2.5km swim held at Redcliffe (organised by Grimsey’s Adult Swimfit). In January, I entered the 2.5km swim. Then this week when I looked at the event program and realised I could also do the 1km so I put in another entry. It was a lovely day! I walked down the beach for 1km and then did the first swim. My time was okay – 17 min and 21 sec for the swim (although it was about 50 metres short.

I had a chat with someone from work (his longest swim this year) and then went about walking the 2.5km down the beach to the start of the big swim. It was a nice walk (yes I wore shoes and I also picked up the other pair on the walk part the 1km start).

This swim was obviously longer and a bit harder. The awesome thing is my average speed was the same for both the 1km and 2.5km. Again, it was another lovely day.

So for this year prior to the swim I had 39.2km left to swim. After I did the 1km swim I had 38.2km left. Then I finished the 2.5km (the swim was over 100 metres long, but still only counts as 2.5km as I have a nice 10% rule in place. So as long as the swims are within 10% more or less then it counts as the swim distance).

So now I have only 35.7km left in the challenge. My next swims are on the Gold Coast in a couple of weeks (over Easter).

Well done on a fantastic event Grimsey’s. I’ll be back.

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