Big Blue swim day 5

Today we were meant to cross the channel from Kafelonia to Ithica, however due to potential strong winds we did a different 5km crossing. It was in a bay on Meganisi and was very very pretty. We swam from one side to the other of the big bay for a good 5km swim (and then we swam into shore for a bit more). We swam about 18 min kilometres and did stop a couple of times for water. I did try to stretch out about the 4km mark but Caitriona was getting tired so I waited for her at 4.5km, then we did an easy last 500 metres.

The bay crossing

I went and got some cash and swam ashore only to find many white rocks. So the very nice man came and got my money and order and then delivered the drinks to me. How fantastic! Of course I wanted to go swim back (admittedly I probably would have gotten over it after a few kms). But we went to lunch instead.

Our lunch taverna on the hill.

Lunch was excellent as there was no afternoon swim. As it was someone’s birthday we got cake – yay. It was the most amazing cheesecake (and yes I had two pieces).

The swim was another amazing swim, for 5km. So I’m down to only 2.2km tomorrow and I finish my 50km challenge. We are due to do 2.5km and if we do then I’ll have done 25km for the week here in Greece.